Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking Back, and Looking Forward

After coming home in the wee small hours from a lovely New Year's party with wonderful friends, I finished the last few rows of ribbing on a sweater, and thought about what a momentous year 2010 had been for me.

(waist decreases and increases in a pattern modified from a vintage Swedish cross-stitch book, in hand-dyed Brown Sheep Naturespun and a hand-dyed vintage farm yarn. I'm nothing if not an over-achiever.)

From my last six months in New Zealand, to moving into my own place here in Portland, to trying to make a go of it in the fiber and yarn industry, to putting my knitting patterns out there for the first time. . . I've hypothesized that the '0 years (1990, 2000) in my life were the big ones, and this year has definitely lived up to it.

(pre-blocking, mid-snow)

I honestly couldn't tell you what 2011 will bring for me. Rhinebeck? SOAR? Back to Grinnell for Reunion? Saying, "screw it all!" and jumping on a plane to South India to intern at a textile center? Spontaneous dinners with friends, bad movie dates, tons of cooking, baking, knitting, weaving, spinning, making meep noises at the cat, and goodness knows what else? All I know is that 2011 will be a good one. And I hope it's a wonderful one for you, too.


If nothing else, 2011 will definitely be full of me making goofy faces while trying to model a sweater in the middle of a cemetery. (Ravell'd here.)


  1. Congrats on finishing!!!

    Also, I am so totally up for bad movie nights:)

  2. Oh that's just lovely! I'm so impressed by sweater knitting in general, but to make something so detailed and polished is doubly impressive. That's really wonderful work!

  3. Your comment spurred me on to finally get comment reply software patched in on my blog! =) Thanks so much for your kind words. I absolutely love your designs, so it's a great compliment, coming from you!