Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer's End

My hands and wrists have been giving me some trouble recently (nothing major, promise!), so I took the weekend off of knitting, typing, and playing on my phone. Since those are the things that occupy most of my time, I suddenly had a whole weekend on my hands! (No pun intended.) So I took a day trip up the coast to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, a place I've been meaning to visit for years. Well worth the trip, especially on such a lovely, late summer, hint of fall weekend we had here in Maine.  I'm not hugely into plants and gardening in general, but the color play and textures are always so inspiring.


  1. Lovely! I wish summer was over, but it's still annoyingly warm here in Stockholm. I want my autumn now!

    1. SO sorry for the late reply--though I was ready for summer to be over when I wrote this, I'd kill for a sunny and warm day right now in the middle of winter! :)

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