Saturday, June 28, 2014

A couple tutorials in brioche and fisherman's rib

So it's no secret that I'm a huge, huge fan of brioche and fisherman's rib.  I've been working pretty obsessively with them over the last year or so, and the obsession doesn't show any real signs of stopping.  I've had a couple questions recently on troubleshooting with these stitches (and one question relating to my Linum tee design with Knitscene in particular), so I thought I'd do a couple quick video tutorials on getting more comfortable with them.  The first is one laddering down and rebuilding stitch columns in these stitches:

And the second is on how to perform a knit-1-below into a stitch that was decreased on the previous row:

Now, YouTube star I am not, but I hope these will help explain the process and help people get more comfortable with some of my favorite stitches!


  1. Thanks. Needed this bit of help. Love your Linum Tee.

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  3. I am not confused by your written directions (they're good!) but this video is wonderful. So nice to put this up for us lovers of the Linum Tee.