Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking Back, and Looking Forward

After coming home in the wee small hours from a lovely New Year's party with wonderful friends, I finished the last few rows of ribbing on a sweater, and thought about what a momentous year 2010 had been for me.

(waist decreases and increases in a pattern modified from a vintage Swedish cross-stitch book, in hand-dyed Brown Sheep Naturespun and a hand-dyed vintage farm yarn. I'm nothing if not an over-achiever.)

From my last six months in New Zealand, to moving into my own place here in Portland, to trying to make a go of it in the fiber and yarn industry, to putting my knitting patterns out there for the first time. . . I've hypothesized that the '0 years (1990, 2000) in my life were the big ones, and this year has definitely lived up to it.

(pre-blocking, mid-snow)

I honestly couldn't tell you what 2011 will bring for me. Rhinebeck? SOAR? Back to Grinnell for Reunion? Saying, "screw it all!" and jumping on a plane to South India to intern at a textile center? Spontaneous dinners with friends, bad movie dates, tons of cooking, baking, knitting, weaving, spinning, making meep noises at the cat, and goodness knows what else? All I know is that 2011 will be a good one. And I hope it's a wonderful one for you, too.


If nothing else, 2011 will definitely be full of me making goofy faces while trying to model a sweater in the middle of a cemetery. (Ravell'd here.)