Thursday, December 9, 2010

Earl Grey

I spent the Monday after we got back from Rhinebeck not wanting to do anything. (Except perhaps add up the amount of money I spent on pretty, pretty fiber there, and shudder.) My wrists were killing me from some hardcore computer work I had done the week before, and from a nutso idea I had to spin, design, and knit a cabled sweater in what amounted to probably a two week period. I had also just gotten my hands on the DK weight farm yarn we had had spun for SuriPaco, a gorgeous 75/25 blend of domestic alpaca and Maine wool that made me swoon. So, the combination of apathy, hurty wrists, and pretty yarn?


The Earl Grey Mitts. A simple, gentle, comforting knit, with a clean and tailored aesthetic, just like a good cup of tea. (I'm addicted to Earl Grey tea. It's a bit of a problem.)


These are knit in stockinette in the round, then flipped at the end to show off the reverse stockinette side. The yarn, spun on Bartlett Yarns' wonderful old mulespinning machinery, is nubbly and rustic, and works wonderfully with the purl side of the fabric.

earl grey composite

Available as a free download over on Ravelry!


  1. @ana, I've just figured out how to install replying software for comments here on blogger, and just wanted to say thank you for your kind words!

  2. I'm knitting these right now. This will be the first time since I learned to knit that I've made something for myself. So far I'm enjoying myself hugely. Thanks for the pattern! (:

  3. @eidolons, glad you're enjoying them! I definitely want to see pictures when you're done.

  4. @Bristol


    I *love* them! And I've already gotten such nice comments when I wear them. Thanks *so* much for the pattern!