Thursday, August 11, 2011

Edie Shawl

Oh, to hell with chronological order--I want to talk about my design with Quince and Co. that came out today!


The Edie Shawl (and here's a Rav link)is a top-down triangular shawl, started on a small number of stitches and gradually increased at the center spine and edges. It utilizes the bounce and stitch definition and gorgeous, saturated colors of Chickadee--even if that saturated color is pink in this case! (Although my momma says it's raspberry. My momma's always right.)


It was a fun challenge for me! I started it right after I designed the Lida Shawl, and wanted to move in a completely different direction: ribbing instead of stockinette, panel instead of allover pattern, and lifted bar increases rather than yarn-overs. To say it was an interesting process was an understatement!


Even with all that change and shift in direction, I am definitely happy with the finished product. I'm even more happy with Carrie's amazing photography for Quince. I am beyond pleased to have the opportunity to work with such an awesome company. Here's to many future projects!


  1. I forgot to say this last night, but I do love the ways the panel lines up right over the model's shoulders.

  2. I hadn't noticed that before! It was TOTALLY PLANNED THAT WAY. =) Thank you!

  3. Nice going, Bristol! I'm impressed that you are designing patterns now. And pink, my favorite color! I have heard that the Quince & Co. yarns are nice. Haven't tried them yet. Great, another thing for my Ravelry Queue.

  4. Thank you so much, @Rebecca! You will definitely love the Quince yarns--not only are they gorgeous, there are about eight different shades of pink. :)