Friday, November 18, 2011

The Telemetry Hat

Sometimes, I think I have the best friends in the world. In this case, my wonderfully willing friends Casey and Dana, both sick with horrid colds, bless them, came out with me on a bright and frosty morning a few weeks ago to Gilsland Farm to shoot the photos for my latest design, the Telemetry Hat. (Which another lovely friend, the wonderful Aimee, named!)

casey detail

Knit from the bottom up and utilizing SuriPaco's Harmony DK, a 75/25 domestic alpaca/Maine wool yarn spun locally at Bartlett Yarns in Harmony, Maine, this slouchy and comfy hat uses one of the most interesting stitch patterns I've ever come across!


I wanted to find a combination that would utilize the beautiful, creamy natural tones of this yarn, as well as showcase the hand-dyed accent colors. Also, I am coming out of the closet as a stripe addict--this hat is just the tip of the iceberg!

cover shot

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, and will soon be available on the SuriPaco website!

I also wanted to share with you a sneak peek of another design that we photographed that day, but that's going on hold for a while.

close detail

See, as some of you know, I started a new job about a month ago with a really, really cool company. And this shawl might be getting reknitted in some seriously gorgeous new yarn. And it might be heading for publication in a different format than I had originally planned. . .


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