Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the Bristol edition of Reader's Digest?
  • Did you see that the Kit Camisole is now available for sale on Ravelry? It is!
  • Did you see that the Tideline Cowl from Cecily's wonderful book, Landing, is now available for sale individually on Ravelry? Well, it is, too!
  • Did you see I'm teaching my wet felted vessels class at the Portland Fiber Gallery next weekend? I am!
  • Have I yet talked about KnitEast 2013, where I'll be teaching my shawl design class, my picots, pleats and welts class, and my Bristol's Cowl, among such unbelievable company as Ann Budd, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and the Yarn Harlot? I can't wait for September!
  • Did I mention that I finished the first lingering deadline project last week, and officially ran out of yarn on my second deadline project last night, so I can knit whatever I want until more yarn arrives? I did!
  • Did I mention my big brother is moving cross country on Monday? He is*! 
What exciting things are happening in your life these days?

*(Knitters of the world, he has with him a black and blue marled beanie that I knit for him a few Christmases ago.  If you see that hat on that guy as he makes his way across the country, be nice to him and steer him to whatever awesome donut or beer place is nearby.  I'll appreciate it more than I can say.)

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