Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday sale!

Oh, blog, I owe you so many posts.  I owe you posts on about seven designs (Stria! Harpswell! Rekaviður! Triangulate! Marlena! Mariella! And today, In August, Away!), two amazing past trips, (Iceland! Medomak!), two amazing upcoming trips (Portland and Seattle! Kniteast [still spots open in a couple classes--come join us]!), Stock(inette) Market (an amazing six-month retrospective coming soon!), and the general everydayness of my life.  I think at some point I need to declare blog bankruptcy and just move forward (and don't even get me started on how many of you I owe comment replies to.  That keeps me up at night).  But for today--big news! If you enter the coupon code "28on28" at checkout on Ravelry, you'll get 28% off almost all of my patterns (ones not for sale on Ravelry, Twist Collective, and Brooklyn Tweed patterns excluded)! Why 28? Because a week from now, I'll be turning 28 on the 28th--a true golden birthday.  I'm just starting the celebration a week early! The sale will run until the 31st.  Thanks for helping me celebrate!


  1. happy birthday! I look forward to reading whatever and whenever you post here - sounds like you've had plenty to keep you away!

    1. Haha, see what I meant about the blog comments? Thank you so much for the birthday wishes--it was a wonderful one!

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